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Navimeteo’s partner, in the harbour and marina berth sector, announces the launch of the new website which you can visit at:

Captains and sailors connected to Navimeteo weather centre, and interested in receiving a berth solution in the Mediterranean will receive a customised  proposal directly from Valérie Perot, who is in charge of the Agency.

All Berthforyachts clients will have access, after registering on to marine weather data, observations and weather charts.

Mariners will also discover Navimeteo offers for weather routing, mediterranean marinecall and ocean passages.

Very appreciated is also the “weather warning” service, especially when heavy weather phenomenons are expected on the Med, either sailing or at anchorage.

Navimeteo has 25 years on forecasting experience.

The added value of the service, always in the respect of international weather institutions, is represented by direct communication between the mariner and the forecasters Team.


Partner di Navimeteo nel settore marina e posti barca, annuncia il lancio del nuovo sito:

I Comandanti ed i naviganti connessi al Centro Navimeteo, interessati ad una soluzione di ormeggio nel Mediterraneo, riceveranno una proposta su misura direttamente da Valérie Perot, la responsabile di agenzia.

Tutti i clienti di Berthforyacht avranno accesso, previa registrazione al sito, ai dati meteo marini, osservazioni e mappe meteorologiche.

Gli interessati scopriranno inoltre tutte le offerte sui servizi di pianificazione della rotta, la possibilità di assistenza telefonica ed il servizio per le traversate oceaniche.

Un altro servizio molto apprezzato è il “Weather Warning”, un utile avviso specialmente quando le previsioni meteorologiche si prevedono critiche sul Mediterraneo, durante la navigazione o l’ancoraggio.

Navimeteo ha 25 anni di esperienza nel campo della previsione meteorologica.

Il valore aggiunto del servizio, sempre nel rispetto delle fonti istituzionali, è rappresentato dal dialogo diretto tra i naviganti ed i Team di previsori.



Today we have launched our new Navimeteo Website .  You will find all our new services.

Please have a look at the professional section such as  Navimeteo Maritime works, Navimeteo Shipping and Navimeteo Consulting.

New graphics and responsive.   Try it on your smartphone or tablet.

A new reserved area is waiting for you !   Register today to try out our Navimeteo  Panel  following this link

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Navimeteo Marine Weather Centre is looking for a suitable candidate to be employed as a Marine Forecaster at Chiavari (Italy) for a placement during the 2014 summer season to work with an existing team of forecasters.


We aim to attract a talented person with the desire to make a significant contribution to the company in a professional and friendly work environment.

All the necessary training will be provided and there will be opportunities for him/her to be involved in the new projects of the Company, depending on the skills and experience of the candidate.

We are looking for an enthusiast person keen to acquire new skills.


The features of the potential candidate will be:

– A genuine interest for meteorology and everything related to the sea

– Excellent knowledge of the English language, preferably at mother tongue level

– A good understanding of meteorology (analyzing charts, understanding of weather models to produce forecasts)

– A strong desire to learn and succeed in a busy environment

– Good communication skills, both orally and in writing

– The ability to work in a team-oriented environment, but also individually

– The ability to focus on standard procedures and acquire new skills


Remuneration depends on the experience of the candidate.

Please submit your application with a CV to


 Five reasons to work with Navimeteo: – We have year-long experience in marine weather forecasting- We are innovative and aim to make a positive difference in the field in which we operate- We always look to finding ways to improve our working systems- We value our customers, our success depends on them- Our business is internationally-oriented


Navimeteo & Barigo


Navimeteo, an Italian weather centre specialized in marine weather forecast and Barigo, a German company leader in the production of meteorological instruments, have initiated a technical and commercial collaboration which aims to emphasize two very important aspects for pleasure and professional boating.
Navimeteo, through a full program of practical meteorological marine navigation courses, has a number of marine instruments to present, selected by the Marine Weather Forecaster Team and produced by Barigo.
The barometer and barograph, for example, are essential to understand weather at sea and what the weather forecast will be. Barigo on it’s side, promotes the importance of knowing the basic elements that can be drawn from all meteorological observations, and provides a number of very useful suggestions on the local weather through commercializing its meteorological instruments to the world.


To learn more and to receive the program of Navimeteo courses, well as a presentation of Barigo instruments, just send an email to:
To know more about Barigo instruments or interested in buying
click HERE

Even more secure with NAVIMETEO & PANTAENIUS


Why Navimeteo & Pantaenius ?


Because we believe that safety comes first !

 In these days captains and boat owners need to be secure at sea. Situations can change rapidly out there, in deep waters, near shore but also in harbours and shipyards. This is why mariners need to rely on the best solutions available nowadays. For this reason you can always trust on our services.

This cooperation is an added value of experience and attention for the yachting sector and for a safer navigation. Precise marine weather information and a full range of insurance solutions will keep mariners fully protected in every situation. Navimeteo and Pantaenius will offer the best answer to be safe at sea.


Navimeteo to know about the best weather package subscription
Pantaenius to receive the perfect coverage insurance solution


Navimeteo & YB Tracking

Navimeteo & YB Tracking

– Keeping you out of trouble –

One of the most important things at sea is to keep people informed and in contact. Especially in the middle of rough seas, staying informed on weather conditions and knowing the current position is essential for onboard security.

This is why Navimeteo and YB Tracking work together.

Weather Routing & Tracking

The advantage of having these services are multiple. Think about going out at sea without knowing what expects you, for sure you can’t relax too much with your family or friends. Navimeteo does the work for you, checksthe weather conditions and informsyou on the best route to do and when to go, for a safe and more relaxed journey out there.

Another security “must” is the ability to know where exactly you are. YB Tracking devices have the ability to do this and much more! It works everywhere, it’s rugged and waterproof for extreme conditions, you can also receive sms, track your boat via internet andsend emergency messages.

When out at sea choose the best solution for you. Navimeteo and YB Tracking gives you all the best you need.

Contact us to know about our exclusive packages. We will find the best solution for you.



NAVIMETEO and SLAM started a collaboration in the field of yachting and sailing that led through a series of initiatives that the two companies will engage in a coordinated way in Italy and abroad.

The “Marine Weather Forecasters” TEAM that monitors more than 500 units at sea in the Mediterranean and on oceanic routes will wear SLAM.
Over 50 ports and marinas are connected to the NAVIMETEO centre through the Navimeteoharbour information system.
More than 600 sailors, every year, participate in practical courses of meteorological navigation.

SLAM is present as a sponsor in the most prestigious regattas such as the BARCOLANA of Trieste, it equipes great oceanic navigators and sailors who compete between the buoys on the most important regattas. Always devotes its attention to young people in various classes and drifts. Dresses important yacht crews and offers their products in more than 50 stores in Italy and in the World. In many of theses stores we are activating the NavimeteoChannel that shares weather information for different local areas.

The commercial collaboration between NAVIMETEO and SLAM has a technological, international and informative character. Every sailor observes the wind, waves, clouds and weather phenomena to choose the most favourable and secure route. Compared to these, valuate, decide, equip and sometimes change course. These are the elements that inspire every journey at sea.

To receive more information on advantages SLAM and NAVIMETEO offer to their clients, you can contact n.
(+39) 0185.456128 or write to

Fleet Weather & Navimeteo


”  FleetWeather wishes to thank all of our yacht clients for their business, support and loyalty over many years. We have truly enjoyed working with you and wish you the very best for the future. We cannot thank you enough for being the great clients that you have been! We are honored to have been able to work with you, service your crews and clients and help ensure your safety while at sea.

As an alternative to using FleetWeather’s yacht services in the future, we recommend contacting Navimeteo. Navimeteo is a highly respected provider of weather service for yachts whom we feel best to recommend to our clients.

Once again thank you and happy sailing!………..”