The Last Voyage of Costa Concordia

On the 1st September 2016 Costa Concordia made her last sea voyage. Her wreck has just arrived at the Drydock where the final hull disposal is going to be completed.

Navimeteo, the weather provider of Carnival Maritime (Costa Cruises), has closely followed Costa Concordia Wreck Towing operation in its three stages. First during its transfer from Giglio Island to Genoa Port Prà-Voltri, where the demolition initiated, then during its towing from Genoa Voltri Port to Molo Ex-Superbacino where Costa Concordia’s 13 decks were dismantled and finally from Genoa Molo Ex-Superbacino to Drydock n° 4 Port of Genoa where in 6 month time Costa Concordia will cease to exist.

Navimeteo has communicated to San Giorgio del Porto Shipyard, Porto Bacini and Maritime Authorities the correct weather windows for the operations 10 days in advance.

Alessandro Casarino, the Senior Forecaster Manager of Navimeteo, has explained that his team of “highly-experienced maritime weather forecasters has been constantly checking and updating all the detailed forecast day by day, hour by hour” to define the specific thresholds and to establish the best moment for the operations”.

He added that molti model high resolution comparison has been applied together with tide study and concluded that conditions for the maneuver were perfect. Costa Concordia travelled for 1,8 miles in port of Genoa and the operations have been completed as planned.


Ksenia Lebedeva





Navimeteo Co-operation with DYT & Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Good morning Mariners!

We would like to inform all our customers about a new co-operation we recently established together with DYT-Sevenstar. Some of you might need to transfer their boat or yacht across the oceans, without having to worry about anything.

Why not considering the option to embark your vessel on a ship carrier for the transatlantic crossing? Do you know that DYT-Sevenstar takes care of your yacht and takes it safely to destination across the ocean?

If this is what you are looking for, as part of the co-operation, please contact us writing to to request information on the exclusive conditions reserved for all the Navimeteo clients looking to make use of DYT-Sevenstar services for ocean transits.