Even more secure with NAVIMETEO & PANTAENIUS

Even more secure with NAVIMETEO & PANTAENIUS


Why Navimeteo & Pantaenius ?


Because we believe that safety comes first !

 In these days captains and boat owners need to be secure at sea. Situations can change rapidly out there, in deep waters, near shore but also in harbours and shipyards. This is why mariners need to rely on the best solutions available nowadays. For this reason you can always trust on our services.

This cooperation is an added value of experience and attention for the yachting sector and for a safer navigation. Precise marine weather information and a full range of insurance solutions will keep mariners fully protected in every situation. Navimeteo and Pantaenius will offer the best answer to be safe at sea.


Navimeteo to know about the best weather package subscription
Pantaenius to receive the perfect coverage insurance solution


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