Navimeteo & YB Tracking

Navimeteo & YB Tracking

Navimeteo & YB Tracking

– Keeping you out of trouble –

One of the most important things at sea is to keep people informed and in contact. Especially in the middle of rough seas, staying informed on weather conditions and knowing the current position is essential for onboard security.

This is why Navimeteo and YB Tracking work together.

Weather Routing & Tracking

The advantage of having these services are multiple. Think about going out at sea without knowing what expects you, for sure you can’t relax too much with your family or friends. Navimeteo does the work for you, checksthe weather conditions and informsyou on the best route to do and when to go, for a safe and more relaxed journey out there.

Another security “must” is the ability to know where exactly you are. YB Tracking devices have the ability to do this and much more! It works everywhere, it’s rugged and waterproof for extreme conditions, you can also receive sms, track your boat via internet andsend emergency messages.

When out at sea choose the best solution for you. Navimeteo and YB Tracking gives you all the best you need.

Contact us to know about our exclusive packages. We will find the best solution for you.


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