The Navimeteo Center had an honor to participate, as a technical partner,  to the important event held at Elba Island during the days of 11th and 12th of June.

Elba Experience was organized by the Consolato del Principato di Monaco a Firenze, in favor of the “Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco”.

During the event it took place a conference regarding the environmental issues and protection of the waters.  These were only some of the topics that the Prince Albert II foundation intends to promote, develop and realize in different parts of the world.

Different expeditions and scientific research projects have been developed during the years and some of them are related closely to the Mediterranean and the Oceans.

Alessandro Antonio Giusti, Console Onorario del Principato di Monaco a Firenze, strongly wanted this event to reach the attention of the scientific, maritime and touristic worlds especially in an area as important as the Mediterranean Sea.  Elba Island and all the other islands of the Tuscany Archipelago offer extraordinary scenarios and natural attractions. The Cetacean’s Sanctuary which extends from the french coasts to the Ligurian Sea,  Northern Corsica and Tuscany is one of the most important zones of scientific interest of the Mediterranean.

The Navimeteo founder Gianfranco Meggiorin had the pleasure to offer Prince Albert II an instrument, that represents an important object for all mariners: the barometer.

A long time ago the French writer Guy de Maupassant, wrote in a novel called “Sur L’Eau” about sailing on board of his vessel “Bel Ami” across the Mediterranean Sea. He had three crew members with him: Bernard who was always worried about weather, Raimond who was more used to the impredictable weather changes and one “silent” but the most accurate: his barometer.

 The Island of Elba, from a marine weather point of view, offers the boat owner and the yachtsman, an infinite number of solutions for a pleasant and safe holiday. Portoferraio in particular is a very sheltered port with a large zone for anchoring in all conditions. Porto Azzurro and Marciana Marina offer excellent anchorages. For smaller vessels we find other harbors like Campo Marina, Rio Marina and various smaller shelters. Practically, when the westerly winds strengthen, investing Corsica and Sardinia, Elba is a safe and fascinating itinerary. When the winds and the sea from the south strengthen the North coast of the Island, the beautiful gulfs of Procchio and Biodola offer excellent anchorages.

Practically, the boater, closely following the winds forecasts expected on the island, can adapt the itinerary moving north or south of the Elba in order to take advantage of the excellent conditions for navigation and for anchoring on crystalline waters. Sailing fans can find itineraries in the Tuscan islands with favorable conditions, finding flat breezes due to the convergence effect in the channel of Piombino and in the channel between Elba and Corsica.

Sailors on board units connected to the marine weather service Navimeteo may request to be informed about local weather forecasts by telephone at +39 0185456128

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