Cruise rerouting off

North America

Avoiding dangerous weather

"Can you please develop one additional detailed forecast based on the following itinerary:

09/09/16 => ETD Reykjavik 18.00LT (UTC)

11/09/16 => ETA entrance Prince Christian Sound 09.00LT (UTC-2)

11/09/16 => ETD Prince Christian Sound approx. 17.00LT (UTC-2) with high speed proceeding until 13th of September, afterwards 18hrs before ETA St. John's reducing speed

14/09/16 => ETA St. John`s pilot station at 07.00LT(UTC -2.5)

Please be so kind to transmit twice per day as usual both, the original and the optionally aimed, plans until September 14th arrival St. Johns in Canada. So we are able to compare and decide."

On 11 September 2016, the AIDA Diva encountered dangerous weather midway through their journey and requested the help of Navimeteo in order to safely re-route the vessel without affecting fuel consumption or dramatically altering the length of the journey.

By providing detailed forecast information for the three different routes, Navimeteo were able to recommend that the AIDA Diva aim for the suggested waypoint of 58N 53W at about 6UTC on the 13th of September. Different options were evaluated in detail, with an ever changing picture communicated to the client.

The vessel eventually bypassed the majority of the dangerous weather in the region, without the need for reducing speed or compromising the comfort of the guests.