'Normal' RIB Beats the Montecarlo-Venice Record

Navimeteo supports record attempt for Montecarl - Venice speed run

After a ride of 29 hours 45 min 39 sec the RIB, Model 6 Tuono, made in the Avila factory at Lomagna beat the speed record for offshore boats up to 30 ft on the Montecarlo - Venice route by 3 hr 0 m 36 sec. The record of 32 hrs 46 m 15 sec belonged to FB Design of Fabio Buzzi. The dinghy boat was powered by 2 offshore Suzuki engines with standard 200 hp /df 200 AP and standard propellers. The crew was a non – professional one and crossed the finishing line at Venice on 9:50.25”.

The average speed was fixed at 39.02 KT against the previous 35.26 KT. It is the first time the record is tempted using the hull of a standard leisure boat. It is the first time too for a dinghy boat and for the utilisation of an offshore engine. Last but not least it is the first time for a non professional crew to be employed for this kind of competition. The Navimeteo team was available to provide a continued assistance, delivering clear and regular updates to the Avila land operative base, this ensuring an excellent checking of critical conditions.

During the same route two new world speed offshore records were beaten for the leg Montecarlo-Rocella Jonica and the leg Rocella Jonica Venice.

Certified by UIM, FIM, fier.