On Board The Spirit of Stella

Returning to Sailing despite the wheelchair

Despite being in need of a wheelchair since the age of 20, Stella has returned to sailing with a new ambition: to create a boat without architectural barriers and design a boat that shows the wheelchairs are not a limitation, but instead a chance for engineers and architects to make the boating industry more accessible and inclusive.

Navimeteo are pleased to be on board with this project to provide support along the Mediterranean routes and in the Ocean with it's own bespoke service, for the needs of both the crew and passengers.

Communication is achieved through a satellite transponder and a wireless display, which allows the Navimeteo weather centre to follow the route of the vessel in real-time and transmit any warnings in such a way that is punctual and localised. The importance is stressed on knowing the position of the boat, the course and speed - these are essential to be able to provide the most accurate weather information.