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port forecast platform

MarineObs - New Navimeteo Platform for port forecasts

Using high quality modelled data it is possible for the user of MarineObs to access the platform to view the forecasts around the world. Zooming in and out of the platform results in resolution changes in the available data, whilst scrolling through different times and dates allows the user to view future forecast data. Data are available up to 4 km resolution.

Navimeteo can now provide customers with a summary outlook for a bespoke selection of ports, important to specific customer needs. For example, a Cruise operator that may only have an interest in the ports that their fleet visit. Ports are highlighted by an icon that changes colour depending on threshold limits that may or may not be exceeded - increasing in intensity from from Green - Amber - Red - Purple. These limits can be defined by the client in line with their own health and safety protocols.

It is possible to scroll through time and see how the warning of the port changes with time.

It is possible to select a port and view a detailed meteogram showing what conditions can be expected, allowing the user a more comprehensive summary for specific conditions at any port for a given time. Through this window, the user can quickly request more information by sending an email to Navimeteo forecasters (see detailed forecast).

This summary table shows a four day outlook detailing a number of ports, this can be customised according to the customers needs, and also has a search function.