Weather station installation at Pendennis Shipyard

Navimeteo complete self-powered weather station installation at Pendennis Shipyard

Pendennis Shipyard was founded in 1988. Over the past 30-years the company has developed into a leader in superyacht custom new build and refit, with facilities and expertise that rival any global superyacht company. With some of the most prestigious superyachts entering and exiting the port and little margin for error, a real-time weather station helps Captains, crew and operations teams with planning difficult manoeuvres.

Due to the complex topography and intricate operational requirements on site (e.g. an active Helipad) it was decided that the best location for the weather station would be on the roof of one of the large workshop units. Irrespective of issues to access, it was important that the weather station was independent of any existing power or communication infrastructure. With the assistance of the shipyard, Navimeteo installed photo voltaic cells, battery and solar charge controller to power the industry-level weather station, FT742-DM. This is a very small, yet very rugged, wind sensor that is maintenance-free and will last for years – even in the harshest conditions.

Data are transmitted at high-interval to provide accurate representation for the changing conditions on site. An interface was developed for Pendennis Shipyard, complete with forecast data and satellite imagery.

The data can be viewed on the Weather Stations page.