Navimeteo guides yacht on Pacific crossing

Navimeteo Guides yacht on Pacific crossing

The Mangusta Gransport El Leon, covered over 2,800NM and crossed the Pacific Ocean. Navimeteo helped to guide the crew and passengers on board from Los Cabos, Mexico to the Marquesas Islands in Polynesia. Our forecasting team worked closely with Captain Paolo Bozzo Costa to determine the safest and most efficient route to allow the vessel to avoid adverse weather conditions along their journey.

Sailing comfortably with the assistace of Navimeteo, the proud owner was able to turn his dream of sailing without compromise or worry into a reality.

'Beauty and rare sights are many in this world but lucky to see them. What an amazing trip!' - Captain Paolo Bozza Costa

In 2018, Navimeteo provided forecast services to Captain and El Leon for her transatlantic crossing. The cruise started at Overmarine Group’s quay in Viareggio on 1st December, heading 950 miles across the Tyrrhenian Sea towards Gibraltar. After a quick stop-over the next port of call was Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands. On 9th December, under the auspices of good weather, the yacht makes way to Cape Verde. The stop-over here allows crew to refill the tanks and load some more fresh stocks before making the great leap, 2,450 miles to the coasts of America.

During the crossing, the waves are mainly those formed by the trade wind, and days go by quietly. From time to time, both the wind and the sea grow stronger, both aft and abeam, but the steering and stabilising systems effectively withstand the ocean waves. On 17th December, Captain Paolo Bozzo coast caught the first sight of the dark skyline of Bridgetown, Barbados.