6 October 2023

Summer Extension: persistent high Pressure brings an unusually warm October to the Mediterranean - Authors: Federico Brescia and Alberto Cantone
The lack of significant disturbances has kept the seas relatively calm, fostering greater water clarity and an extended swimming season.

22 September 2023

Autumn Equinox: intense Disturbance over the Mediterranean and potentially violent Storms - Authors: Federico Brescia and Alberto Cantone
The current and forecasted rainfall and thunderstorms are and will be intermittently intense, with possible downpours and associated issues.

8 September 2023

Hurricane Season - Authors: Federico Brescia and Alberto Cantone
The weather deterioration at the end of August seemed to mark the end of the summer season, but instead we are still experiencing hot and sunny days in most of our country and they will continue throughout the entire weekend. In the far Southern Italy, conditions appeared to be more disturbed due to the presence of a wide and deep low system moving from the Ionian Sea towards Libya. Its movement and cyclonic rotational winds closely resembled those of hurricanes in the distant Atlantic, though with less strength and size.  

24 August 2023

Sunday everything changes: clear deterioration expected over the Mediterranean - Authors: Gianfranco Meggiorin and Alberto Cantone
The phenomena to be monitored gradually will be the thunderstorms that the incursion of cooler northern air can generate on a very warm sea.

As happened at the beginning of August, the marine weather situation in the last days of this month is expected to deteriorate especially from Sunday 27 due to the deepening of a low that from the Tyrrhenian areas will move towards the Adriatic.

18 August 2023

Gentle winds and calm seas reassure the itineraries of boaters - Author:  Alberto Cantone
In the extensive meteorological landscape of the Mediterranean basin, the current synoptic charts outline a predominantly manageable scenario over our seas, at least until the middle of the upcoming week, Tuesday, August 22nd.

9 August 2023

The return of anticyclonic conditions over the Mediterranean - Author:  Alberto Cantone
At the beginning of August, we experienced strong winds, but marine conditions have now greatly improved.  A notable rise in barometric pressure coupled with calmer winds has brought tranquility to our waters, benefiting both sailors and recreational boaters along the coast and out at sea.