Gentle winds and calm seas reassure the itineraries of boaters.

18 August 2023

Alberto Cantone

In the extensive meteorological landscape of the Mediterranean basin, the current synoptic charts outline a predominantly manageable scenario over our seas, at least until the middle of the upcoming week, Tuesday, August 22nd.

Depressions from the Atlantic steer clear of the Mediterranean, traversing towards Northern Europe. Conversely, within the Balearic region, a low-pressure with a barometric value of 1010hPa is engendering atmospheric instability, accompanied by precipitation and SE'ly.

Meanwhile, in the the Tyrrhenian areas, a weak anticyclonic condition has stabilized, with pressure between 1016 and 1020 hPa. This configuration results in light winds and manageable sea conditions.

In the Adriatic, a flow of moderate NW'ly winds is observed along the eastern coast of the Peninsula. The acceleration of this flow is attributed to the convergence of air currents from the Southern Adriatic and the Northern Ionian regions, in the narrow the Otranto Channel.

In the Aegean Sea, the Meltemi wind blows with constancy and strength. This synoptic representation offers a meteorological overview typical of the summer season, with the singular exception of limited precipitation.

Photo: Jonathan Bean – Calm on the Sea

Medium-term forecast doesn't indicate the arrival of fronts or sustained winds in the coming days.

The sole cloud formations observed are due to coastal breezes, particularly during the afternoon hours.

Following a first decade of August characterized by strong western winds, the second decade has proven favorable for navigation. This trend should persist into the initial days of the third decade of the month.

Nevertheless, considering the accumulation of thermal energy over the Mediterranean, it is essential to be frequently updated of potential deterioration due to the possibility of fresh air incursions.

To acquire an accurate outlook of current and future conditions, consulting various meteorological sources, direct observation of the sky and horizon, and utilizing the onboard barometer are all crucial.