Innovation with Trieste Marine Terminal

Scientific studies indicate that the climate of the Mediterranean is changing in character as more intense, localized and difficult to predict weather phenomena are observed.

To assist in the mitigation of risk for high-intensity events, which can be associated with the rapid development of whirlwind and tornado phenomena, Trieste Marine Terminal has launched an innovative weather monitoring system for port operations with the support of the Navimeteo Centre.

This weather service is based on the use of detailed and validated short and medium-term forecasts alongside the real-time monitoring of storm cells and short-term storm cell directional track predictions called Nowcasting. Navimeteo can forecast critical issues arising from intense winds and waves, whilst also monitoring the conditions in real-time nowcasting storm cell development and progression providing warnings for the arrival of micro-scale storm cells up to one hour before arrival.

A key component of the service is based on the operational dialogue between Navimeteo forecasters and the terminal operating staff, improved by the delivery of meteorological workshops. A bespoke training programme was developed for the Operational staff members of TMT Terminals with the aim of improving meteorological understanding and subsequent decision making process - aligned with the weather service that is delivered. With this service TMT adds an important tool for the mitigation of risk for weather in operations, utilizing innovative technology in a conceptual service combining traditional forecasting techniques with real-time nowcasting.