Robust weather station installed at Cape Cornwall

Installation of a weather station at the extreme west of the uk

Navimeteo are pleased to have installed a new weather station, located at the NCI Coastwatch Station at Cape Cornwall. Cape Cornwall is a small headland in West Cornwall, UK. It is four miles north of Land's End near the town of St Just. Interestingly, until the first Ordnance Survey, 200 years ago, Cape Cornwall was believed to be the most westerly point in Cornwall.

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) provide a daily visual watch in all weathers, monitoring marine radio channels, sea conditions and weather, using radar and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. The NCI is a voluntary organisation and registered charity providing a visual watch along the UK's coasts. The NCI have 2,500-plus uniformed trained volunteer watchkeepers who maintain a visual watch along part of the UK coastline with 54 established NCI watch stations.

Navimeteo installed the industry level weather station, FT742-DM, mounted on the mast. This is a very small, yet very rugged, wind sensor that does not require maintenance and will last for years – even in the harshest condition. The instrument uses mains power from the NCI station, and transmits data through use of the stations internet connection. This setup allows for high frequency data transmission, with data received every three seconds, made available to the watchkeepers for record keeping.

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