Post-event study conducted for the Gulf of Tigullio

Navimeteo conduct a post-storm analysis for the Gulf of Tigullio

Following the storm event in the Mediterranean on 29/30 October 2018, Navimeteo were contracted to produce a detailed report to describe the meteorological phenomenon that occurred in the Gulf of Tigullio. The weather event produced enormous damage to buildings, boats and structures all along the coast.

The work included the following aspects:

1. Acquisition, analysis and verification of:

- Marine and oceanographic weather forecasts;

- Observed and recorded meteorological data available;

- Meteorological models;

- Request and acquisition of data from external sources (entities and data providers);

- Historical and statistical data

2. Production of a metocean report.

The work concerns not only the local area in question but a larger study of the weather situation on a Mediterranean scale to document the genesis, development and dynamic characteristics of the event and phenomena associated marine weather. Includes:

- Description of the synoptic situation;

- Description of the intensity of the phenomenon that produced he local weather;

- Metocean comparison with significant events that occurred in the past.

3. Discussed and conclusion of the phenomenon and classification of the meteorological event.