Navimeteo Harbour installed at Porto Lotti

Navimeteo Harbour is a complete weather service that relates all activities of a marina. Our installation at Porto Lotti is more than just a system for displaying meteorological information. The Porto Lotti staff, from the management to the operating staff, receive a daily detailed weather bulletin for the forthcoming conditions in the local area, to warn for adverse conditions. In the event of a weather warning the staff are notified by text, and during particularly critical scenarios Navimeteo provide briefings to detail the impact of the storm and waves on the port infrastructure.

For years, Porto Lotti has led the way with a weather station and a webcam operational 24/7, with many other Italian and foreign marinas now following this example. Real-time information of weather conditions is increasingly important to forecasting work, and now easily available through rapid transmission of data possible because of modern communication opportunities.

Weather data and images are archived and on several occasions have provided useful data for climate studies and event reports for insurance and tax purposes.

Weather data are integrated into the Navimeteo Harbour system. Observing the live weather station gauges moving every few seconds is one of the components that attracts the user the most. Navimeteo Harbour in Porto Lotti is also used in meteorological training and for race regatta briefings. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways in which marina staff and Navimeteo forecasters can spread the message of the importance of meteorology in the service of navigation to mariners and above all else, how the human factor is still decisive for professional support to safe navigation.