Navimeteo’s expert forecast team use a comparison of high quality meteorological and oceanographic data models with observations to deliver finely-tuned and specific forecasts. Our specialised cruise service, Navimeteo Cruise, aims to provide you with the best information to assist decision making and reduce transit time, or increase comfort by avoiding any adverse conditions that you may encounter on your journey.

Diversions can be recommended by the weather centre in particularly heavy or critical situations, and will likely take advantage of favourable wind and sea conditions. We work with you, Captains, crew and operational teams to assist with the best weather information, validated and curated to your operational requirements.

Safety is our ultimate priority, we work with you to maximise up-time and reduce risk to your operation by minimizing uncertainty in port call planning.

Navimeteo Cruise includes the following features:

  • Summary forecasts as per the vessel schedule;

  • Detailed port and site forecasts;

  • 24/7, global support;

  • Route forecasts on request;

  • Weather warnings bespoke to your operation;

  • Contact via email or phone;

  • Vessel monitoring;

  • Weather Charts.

Navimeteo are pleased to work with some of the most prestigious companies in the world, providing forecasting services to more than 50 Cruise vessels; across all the Oceans and at all latitudes.

Please find a link to our Navimeteo Cruise brochure on this page.