Navimeteo Harbour is our key service for Harbours and Marinas around the world. This is a weather service for operational personnel and marine leisure users, used to enhance understanding and safety at sea. This service focuses on using data at a local scale, by enhancing and creating critical conditions at a port.

Navimeteo Harbour can easily be integrated with other meteo-marine technology. For example, it is possible to interface real time data in the display such as professional anemometers, weather stations and web cams.

A user-friendly interface is available to display the forecasts on a screen through a range of intuitive and attractive graphics. Due to exciting and modern technology; the display is outputted in a way so the user can carefully determine whether the conditions are right for sailing.

The graphics are easily adaptable for the marina or port website and can be viewed using a PC, smartphone or tablet. The use of interactive weather graphics add value to the customer experience, helping to secure increased customer loyalty. Weather data are checked and updated at the Navimeteo marine weather centre by a member of our team.

The telephone and text service include warnings issued by national sources as well as specific local weather conditions issued by Navimeteo.

We provide the following services to support the Harbour and Marina industries:

  • Daily Bulletin;

  • 24/7 Support;

  • Interactive weather charts for display on smart screen;

  • Weather station installation and management;

  • Climate Studies;

  • Training.

We are pleased to support prestigious clients, such as the Port of Monaco and Port of Miami, with the Navimeteo Harbour service.

Please find a link to our Navimeteo Harbour brochure on this page.