The Team

Gianfranco Meggiorin

President and Navimeteo Founder

Born in Italy in 1961 Gianfranco Meggiorin is the founder and actual President of Navimeteo.

He has been sailing as a captain of sailing yachts in the Mediterranean Sea and across the oceans for several years. He started his marine weather forecasting experience in 1989 at MétéoMer, the French Weather Office directed by Pierre Lasnier and today he is considered to be one of the most experienced Marine Weather Forecasters. Gianfranco Meggiorin wrote several books and achieved many awards for his continuous commitment to a safer navigation. 

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Fabio Sola

Managing Director

Born in Italy Fabio Sola is a true sea and sailing enthusiast. He has been working successfully for several big companies in Europe and Far East for many years. In 2012 he joined Navimeteo as share holder and managing director to contribute with his experience the growth of the Company. He is in charge of the Operations. 

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Alessandro Casarino

Forecast Manager

Alessandro Casarino is a senior forecaster working for Navimeteo since 1999. He joined the company after graduating from Marine Geology Faculty from University of Genoa (Italy) and assisted its growth from the very beginning. Thanks to a good sailing knowledge and a vast working experience in the Coast Guard he developed high practical forecasting skills in the shipping and maritime sectors. Being in charge of the coordination of ship routing forecast and maritime works assistance, he also follows the project of co-operation with institutional bodies like the Italian Coast Guard and the Navy. He also runs practical weather courses for Captains, Sailors, Fleet Managers and schools and takes part in numerous conferences and weather briefings. 

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Daniele Laiosa

Technical Manager and Senior Forecaster

Born in Italy Daniele Laiosa is a Senior Marine Weather Forecaster and Technical Manager at Navimeteo. Since 2007 he has been working on Navimeteo weather solutions for Ports and Marinas and on software and hardware integration. Daniele Laiosa is a co-founder of Limet, one of the most important weather associations in Italy. He has also developed the Retemet project used to monitor real time coastal conditions, heavy phenomena and floods. 

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Danny Vitri

Salesman and Senior Forecaster

Born in Italy in 1974 Danny Vitri is a Navimeteo Senior Marine Weather Forecaster. He is an aeronautical engineer in charge of marine forecasting for sailing, yachting and cruise routes. Graduated from the University of Reading in the UK he has worked for 10 years at OceanRoute in Aberdeen. In 2007 he came back to Italy bringing his forecasting experience into international Navimeteo services development. 

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Kevin Missarelli

Forecaster & Technical Developer

Since Kevin Missarelli was a child the sea and the boats were part of his daily life. It all started with rowing: athlete for 15 years at Società Canottieri Sampierdarenesi he became a coach in 2012. After an efficient cooperation with Azimut-Benetti s.p.a. on projecting yacht interior and exterior design, his love for the sea made him graduate from the Yacht Design faculty in Genoa. To continue to cultivate his passion, he approached the marine meteorology through a work experience as a weather forecaster in the Navimeteo team. 

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Daniele Gallo

Senior Forecaster

Born in Italy Daniele Gallo is a Senior Marine Weather Forecaster.

He joined Navimeteo in 2014 after graduating in Atmosferic Physics and Meteorology – University of Bologna – in 2013. He is a member of the ligurian association of meteorology (LIMET), a forecaster for a local radio station and writes articles for the newspaper La Stampa. 

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Federico Baricchi


Federico Baricchi is a Junior Marine Weather Forecaster.

He works on the ship weather routing for Liners and Port forecast. He handles marine call services and is an expert on weather models’ comparison.

He also writes articles on oceanography and marine weather and is working to constantly improve the weather observations Navimeteo network and tracking solutions for the route optimization of the vessels. Furthermore, Federico is working on an international Navimeteo innovation project for the route optimization and safety at sea. 

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Antonio Valente


He joined Navimeteo Team in 2024, after obtaining his Master’s degree in Environmental Science at the Second University of Naples. He studied at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, and he obtained a scholarship at the University of Milano Bicocca, to study Tropical Marine Ecology in Marhe Center, Maldives.

He has completed a second-level postgraduate degree in Monitoring and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas at the University of Naples Parthenope, with a project conducted at the Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate of the Italian National Research Council in Rome. Furthermore, he attended the Meteorology Training Program organized by AMPRO (Meteo-Professionals Association) 

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Francesco Rocco

Web developer

Francesco Rocco is a junior full-stack web developer passionate about coding. Thanks to his upbringing, he had the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures in America and Australia. With a love for new challenges and problem-solving, Francesco Rocco joined Navimeteo Team in 2024 with a strong determination to innovate.

His current focus lies in crafting tools to enhance precision and speed in weather forecasting. Motivated to evolve both as a programmer and to contribute to the growth of the company, he brings enthusiasm and a drive for excellence to every project. 

Angela Badalini

Administration and Sales

Angela has over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry, specializing in marketing/sales and customer service.

She has worked for prestigious tour operators in London and Boston. At Navimeteo, she oversees customer relations and contributes to sales and administration activities. 

She joined the Navimeteo Team in 2024 to collaborate with the company's targeted growth and enhance the internationalization program. 

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Ben Grigg


Ben is a consultant with Navimeteo Ltd.

He grew up in the sailing community of Falmouth and has gained extensive management experience in the international marine industry.Employed for 12 years at the world leading marine equipment manufacturer Lewmar Ltd he was the Product Management, Sales and Marketing Director for the company. He went on to become the Sales and Marketing Director at Camper & Nicholsons Marinas.

Over the last ten years Ben has provided business consultancy to both leisure and commercial marine businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors, for a number of leading brands including; AkzoNobel, Time Inc., ASV Global Ltd, Green Marine and Spinlock. At Navimeteo Ben is responsible for the development of marine operations projects. 

Giuliano Dainese

Business and Financial Consultant

Born in Italy Giuliano Dainese is Navimeteo business and financial consultant. He has been part of the company’s operational program since 2006. He has a specific knowledge in marine and nautical issues, law and international fiscal regulation.