The aim of the training courses is to teach the practical and operational experience built up over years of work by Navimeteo weather forecasters in the field of marine meteorology. Generally delivered over one day, the immersive courses allow participants to rapidly acquire a good understanding of marine weather phenomena and to refine their capacity to interpret and analyse weather information.

All the topics, even the most complex ones, are explained in a very simple manner with the help of route simulations. Comparisons will be shown between theoretical-technical concepts and more practical aspects of sailing. In addition to the basic course, a more advanced training course is available; this is aimed at making participants get an insight on weather conditions in the high seas and for regattas.

Navimeteo conduct training either at the office in Chiavari, at your office/site, on board vessels or remotely (this can be done over video call).

We are pleased to support a wide range of industries with our training courses, which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

The courses can cover the following material:

Our course programme covers theory and practical exercises for the following topics:

  • General atmospheric circulation.

  • Marine meteorology: pressure, temperature and humidity.

  • Wind and sea.

  • Clouds and weather fronts.

  • Meteorological navigation: the positioning of the boat in respect of weather systems.

  • The Mediterranean Sea: a deep knowledge of its characteristics.

  • Weather information available on board: listening and understanding weather bulletins and direct observations by the captain.

  • Forecast the weather on the web: data and meteorological models.

  • Challenges of modern day forecasting.

  • Exercises on actual weather events by means of bulletins, synoptic charts and weather models.

Training courses are tailored to your operations. We work work with a range of professionals from Cruise Ship Officers, Superyacht masters, leisure sailors or Commercial Port Operations teams.

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