Navimeteo provides a 24/7 marine weather forecasting service for all occasions, from passage and route planning to detailed port forecasts and advanced weather warnings.

We use a comparison of multiple meteorological and oceanographic models to deliver a finely-tuned forecast.

With high attention to detail your personal forecast team consider your journey and vessel at all times, gaining the trust of the captain. As our knowledge of your operation develops we help to plan the best route and provide all the necessary support and recommendations for making safe decisions. All forecasts are bespoke and refer to the specific area or location of interest, taking into account the vessel characteristics and any additional logistical factors.

Safety is our number one focus, we work with you to maximise up-time and reduce risk to your operation.

Navimeteo weather forecasting offers the following features in support of marine industries around the world:

  • Summary outlook forecasts.

  • Detailed site, port and route forecasts using multi-model data.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Extreme event weather warnings.

  • Real-time storm nowcasting

  • Route forecasts.

  • Route Optimization.

  • Vessel Monitoring.

Five-day summary forecast for your fleet.

Navimeteo will provide summary forecast data as per your vessel itinerary, removing the burden of checking forecast information for multiple locations on a daily basis. Weather warnings are issued, colour coded to agreed metocean operating thresholds - which are usually vessel specific. Contact Navimeteo for updates and changes to vessel schedules and the summary forecast will be updated accordingly. This summary forecast is the first document to check on a daily basis to have an overview for your fleets movements.

Summary forecast

Detailed site/port forecasts

Detailed site/port forecasts show detailed wind and wave conditions with relevant forecaster observations. Usually issued upon request following a weather warning (as per summary forecast) they represent the best visual aid for interpretation. These are typically used to assist decision making for port calls, or to help choose a better location for anchoring when the exposure to an incoming sea or swell makes it too uncomfortable. Just like the summary forecasts, the detailed forecasts are always validated by a human forecaster, providing you with a more accurate and representative outlook for your area of interest. This is particularly important when forecasting in coastal areas due to the surrounding topography and structures that render weather models less accurate.

Detailed site forecast

Continual 24-7 / 365 day support

Continual 24-7 / 365 day support for masters from the Navimeteo expert weather team who are available to discuss forecasts and operations. Masters often develop strong relationships with Navimeteo forecasters allowing an open dialogue established on trust. When the weather conditions are changeable or deteriorating, it is particularly useful to ask the forecaster for a second opinion; a verbal conversation can often make a difference for clarifying unclear points outlined in an email.

You will have 24/7 contact with a team of forecasters over the phone or via email to keep you informed of the weather conditions, providing updates and advice.

Extreme event weather warnings

Extreme event weather warnings are issued in event of incoming poor weather, as per your current location or upcoming destination. Weather warnings are sent to the captain at least 48 hours before the impact of an intense weather system. Our weather warnings are colour coded to agreed metocean operating thresholds and are usually vessel specific. In the event of extreme weather, our forecast team will be available to engage with you personally to recommend any changes you may wish to your course to mitigate against poor conditions.

Real-time storm nowcasting

With our partners at Nowcast, Navimeteo can monitor in real-time storm cell intensity, frequency and progression - allowing the ability to nowcast storm cells and give notice up to 1 hour for the possibility of thunderstorms and strong gusts. Utilising the best in-class 3D real time lightning detection, it is possible to determine the exact position of a local storm. Such areas are often also characterized by hail, heavy rain and strong gusts. As such, these zones are particularly dangerous and important in terms of damage potential, and cannot be precisely recorded using other measurement methods such as radar and satellite.

Route Forecast

Navimeteo can provide a detailed route forecast for passage planning and navigation - the forecaster will share all possible scenarios from the range of available weather models and can recommend the safest and most comfortable route; this may differ from a direct crossing and could include different legs or stopovers.

Route Optimization

Navimeteo provides a voyage optimization solution that significantly reduces ship fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and increases navigation comfort and safety - powered by Smart Nautilos.

It is based on advanced mathematical simulation models of ship hydrodynamics and fuel consumption that, once calibrated to your vessels, are able to accurately estimate fuel consumption and the effects of the sea conditions on the propulsive performance, safety and navigation comfort.

A powerful multi-objective optimization engine explores all the feasible routes and, given the weather conditions, the operational constraints set by the user and the ship sea keeping in terms of added resistance and motions, proposes the one that optimizes fuel consumption/emissions, safety or navigation comfort.

Vessel Monitoring

Vessel Monitoring - AIS and satellite vessel tracking can allow us to monitor your progress and deliver weather alerts for your specific location.

If the captain does not have a tracking system and sailing is carried out outside the AIS coverage, the forecaster will ask him to send the yacht position, route, cruising speed and any aboard observations to accurately check the yacht progress en-route. As you embark on your route Navimeteo will monitor your progress and provide detailed updates where appropriate. Navimeteo can recommend third party hardware to assist in the easy transmittal of vessel location.