Explore our online weather chart platform, complete with your own customer login and access a range of weather data including;

  • Cloud cover, 3h Precipitations & Wind

  • Average 10m Wind [Kts]

  • Gusts [Kts]

  • Significant Wave Height [m]

  • Significant Wave Height [m] & Sea Level Pressure [hPa]

  • Swell period [s]

  • Surface Current [Kts]

  • Lake / Sea Ice Cover [%]

  • Sea Water Salinity [g / Kg]

  • Visibility [m]

  • Sea Water Temperature [° C]

  • Air Temperature [° C]

Forecaster validated data are integrated with the platform, port summary forecasts are available and request a specific, detailed forecast directly to the weather office. We can integrate vessel position data, delivered via API as an overlay to weather charts.

Weather charts are also delivered via an interactive graphic display to harbours and marinas with integrated weather warnings and real-time, observed weather data - via our service called Navimeteo Harbour.